For more than 10 years we’ve been mastering our skills to provide the best software development service.

Engineering Idea is an estonian software development company with development center in Kharkiv (Ukraine).

Founders, Dmitry Savin and Alexander Riabykh, care deeply about the success and satisfaction of our clients and the health of our team. They are both experienced developers with more than 10 years under their back.

Our company provides end-to-end software development solutions for many industries for clients all over the world.


We appreciate each company team-member of, on the one hand, and on the other hand, each team-member brings his own value to the company. That approach makes us a strong team.

In people we appreciate responsibility and their ability to be a qualified specialist.
As we believe that only a high level of qualification can allow to perform our work qualitatively.
We follow the high application architecture standards and the cleanes of the code.

And we believe that only a good team can make ideas come true.


We place a premium on relationships with our clients, as they rely on us and we want to give them the best service and results.

We want to work and grow together with clients who are fit for our life values well.
This growth only possible in case of a win-win situation.
That’s why we want to create a long term partnership with our clients.


Our mission is to give a real value for our clients to unlock their potential via digital innovations.