Mobile Development

End to End Solution — from idea to the product.


We specialize on both iOS and Android platforms.

Native approach

We can handle both old and modern languages for these platforms:
Java and Kotlin for Android;
Objective-C and Swift of iOS.

Cross-platform approach

Usually it makes sense for business applications to implement application via cross-platform technology such as React Native or Flutter.

As you achieve native UI with one codebase, you will be able to reduce the project cost and development time.

We also have an option to use Ionic framework to implement cross-platform application via JavaScript. This way you may find a lot of possibilities and it may be preferred technology for some cases.

Hybrid approach

Native is not a verdict. You can have markedly different approach to app development. If you need your up to release as fast as possible, this approach is right up your alley! It requires less time for development and allows for code sharing.

We also have an option to use Ionic framework to implement cross-platform application via JavaScript. So you’ll have web as a native application.


During the last 10 years we’ve been mastering our development process and architecture of applications to provide perfect service for our clients on each development step.

Multiple screen sizes

It’s important to handle perfect appearance for all the screen sizes for users to have the best experience with your app.
Moreover, UI must look pixel perfect.

Corner cases and bug-free

Developer must fully analyze the application behaviour and deal with all the difficult cases for the application to feel professionally in the hands of users.

All the unprocessed cases or minor bugs must be fixed as this application is the reflection of development level and work approach.

Our Principles

These days small applications do not exist anymore. Even if they firstly considered to be simple, they will extend to the large ones. Therefore, we must design the architecture of the mobile applications in such a way that there must be possible to extend or remove existing functionality or replace it with a new one easily.


We pay special attention to the application architecture, because, from the development point of view, the success of the project depends on it.
So architecture of application should be properly designed and must allow easily extend and change its parts.


Managing the application development process is another important principle of working on a project.
We have our internal workflow which we’re using during working on each task.
Following the workflow we can achieve maximally precise execution of the task within the given time frame.


It is also important for us to have deep knowledge in the technologies applied in order to use all their capabilities.
At the same time, we keep up with new technologies and innovations which will help us to solve problems in the most appropriate way.


Creativity in solving problems is the ability to apply efforts in such a direction that allows you to achieve success for the project.

How we work

First of all, we want to create a long term partnership with our clients.
That is why we start with a personal, face-to-face meeting.
After that, we discuss the client’s business goals and develop a minimal viable product to approve all the ideas.


Great UI and UX of mobile application is the specific topic which requires deep personal experience on the each platform and understanding of the best practices via own taste, guidelines and trends.
All these together can be combined to something comfortable and easy in-use for both client and user.
We put ourselves to the users position and apply our expertise to the user’s one, which we want to achieve at building wireframes, prototyping and final remarkable user interface.